Mission Statement


The Developing Excellence in Educational Practice Collaborative

In 2011, Dr. Joseph Walder began the DEEP Collaborative program to help ensure a high quality teaching staff for the general studies courses of the local Chicago Jewish community schools.  Our schools have traditionally struggled to obtain qualified teachers able to commit to part-time afternoon hours and have been unable to offer them competitive salaries. In response to this challenge, DEEP was created to establish a team of qualified teachers that can hold full-time positions by teaching more courses across multiple community schools. 

This model makes it possible for proficient teachers, endorsed in their subject areas with notable degrees in education, to obtain respectable full-time teaching positions in our school system. Such teachers after rigorous interview are hired to work for the DEEP Collaborative central office. Once an educator is part of the program, any of our community high schools have the opportunity to hire them to teach courses in their respective schools. The school administration, instead of paying the teacher directly, contributes the money into the DEEP Collaborative Fund. The DEEP program, with additional funding, provides each of their teachers with a competitive salary and benefits commensurate with public school standards.  

DEEP professionals work together each weekday morning, and throughout the summer, developing and improving curriculum for our community students. Unlike in public schools, where there is rarely time allotted in class schedules for teachers to collaborate and evaluate each other’s work, the DEEP program affords a daily time slot. Additionally, DEEP teachers regularly observe at and share curricular resources with noted public schools and professors of education. The DEEP curriculum is available to non-DEEP teachers as well, and we offer training and support to any community teachers. This central and unified approach to general studies curriculum helps ensure higher standards and greater fluidity for our students across grade levels and even different schools.   

The DEEP program currently has a math division, and looks to expand into the other core subject areas. At this time DEEP focuses solely on the high school secondary level and services 16 courses at 5 of our local institutions including Yeshivas Meor HaTorah, Hanna Sacks, Bais Yaakov, Skokie Yeshiva, and Netzach Eliyahu. DEEP teachers are mentored and observed, giving them extra support to constantly grow in their practice and to develop more effective learning environments. 

The program’s continued work and existence is only possible through the financial support of responsible community members such as you. Please help this project continue to improve our general studies programs and continue to shape education for our local schools.